Bondi Beach

Rumi at Bondi Beach

A poem


Arjuna Ben-Zion Weiss


Rumi:   All day and night music


Arjuna:     The sounds of the sea

roar in my ear –

giant waves crash

against the rocks.

Poseidon’s horses’

manes stream in the wind –

where does this music come from?

         Rumi:      A quiet, bright reed 

Arjuna:     The reed flute

                           cut from its river bed

                           cries for its roots,

                           and yet our song of suffering

                           can soon transform into…

                           the call of the gulls

flying overhead

transform into a love song.


         Rumi:      If it fades, we fade


         Arjuna:     The love song

becomes a song of mourning.

Letting go of the past

I feel my pain.

Growing, releasing,

e x p a n d i n g

making new spaces

in my mind.

A new song

is born in my heart.

A song of wholeness

and integration.

A song of peace!


         Rumi:      All day and night music.


         Arjuna:     I hear

the harmony of the spheres

in the song of the sea.



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