Dances of Universal Peace

Here’s a link to a photo essay by Jenny Templin of last years Spring Renewal:

Here’s a link to a blog I wrote for the dances website: Dancing Integral Consciousness

 Here’s a link to 44 videos of dances:

Here’s one of our dances on youtube from a retreat in northern NSW with Murshida Mariam Baker from California last year: Mother Earth is a Great Great Ship

And here’s a great introduction to the dances in the US:

Invitation to the Dance

Bondi Dances Flyer JPG





One thought on “Dances of Universal Peace

  1. Hi Ben

    I would love to reconnect and come to your Friday Universal dances of peace. I know a few people who are interested to come and wanted to pass on any other information you might have.

    Could you add me to your email list

    With thanks


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