Links to Peace and Dances Sites

Here’s a web site with a short film of the founder of Peace One Day.

Here’s the Dances of Universal Peace International site and

our local site for the Dances in Australia 

then there’s the Sydney Facebook page and

the National Facebook page

another important project has been the Ministry for Peace, to balance the Ministry for Defence.

We’ve had a number of events on the 21st September in Martin Place and previously a peace vigil outside Sydney University. 

Check out the photos for the Dancing in Martin Place



One thought on “Links to Peace and Dances Sites

  1. Hello Beloveds in AU, there is a Youth Scholarship Fund to help support the growth of youth and young Leaders on the sufi path. The fund seeks to provide people ages 18–35 with scholarships to attend Sufi retreats, DUP dance camps, and other sufi events. The scholarship has helped individuals attend camps in europe and north & south america, attendance of Murshids Urs in India, dance leader trainings, and many other sessions. Spread the word to your young adults to apply, we are hoping to expand the network of contacts throughout the world of those who do the dances and follow the many paths of sufi lineage.

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