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Dr Ben-Zion Weiss

Dr Ben-Zion Weiss (Arjuna) is an experienced teacher and community educator in drama, ESOL, yoga, cross-cultural conflict, anti-racism, non-violence training, cultural ecology and meditation. He has lectured and tutored at Western Sydney University, consulted for Multicultural Programs in Cooling Conflicts and inter-cultural programs. His PhD research is on anti-racism drama education for youth/youth workers. It develops a theory of an ecology of culture. He presents at conferences, facilitates workshops for youth workers, teachers and community workers; leads Dances of Universal Peace and facilitates dialogues in spiritual ecology. His spiritual practices are drawn from Integral Yoga, Zen Buddhism, Jewish Renewal, Universal Sufism and Dances of Universal Peace. He has published his thesis and written The Creativity Revolution, a book based on his thesis (available through Amazon as a Kindle and a paperback) and he has written chapters, poems and papers for other publications. He is a mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace Australia and a member of the Sufi Ruhaniat International and the Theosophical Society, Sydney.

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15 Blair Street Bondi NSW Australia 2026

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