Into Light



Into Light

By Ben-Zion Weiss


Entering into the creative presence

I open my mind to a new way of being

The pain in my gut remains

But still I venture forth

And jump off the edge

Into the unknown

Into the abyss

And before I know it

I fly, I fly

Way up high, I fly

It’s here I meet my supermind

It’s here I reach beyond

It’s here I grasp

That, Time space moves just that!

A mystery unfolding into itself –

Entering that inner space of knowing

Where all real knowing begins

It’s in beginningness

That I arise anew

Each moment breath

Time space moves

Into consciousness

Into light

I see, says my mind

I hear, I feel, I touch

I taste, I smell, I enter

Into consciousness

Into light


Poem written on Day 1 of the New Consciousness retreat at the Centre for Ecology and Spirituality, Glenburn, Victoria




One thought on “Into Light

  1. Hi Ben,
    Thank you for sharing your insights and delights into such a depth of the divine within the experience of yourself or oneself 🙂

    I love your work and witnessing how you share hummmm….. the bliss of being able to experience it through your words/

    Love Supatra

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