The Creativity Revolution, Steps to an Ecology of Culture (my book)

The creativity revolution is a non-fiction book about the importance of creativity in our lives and in our world today. In the pages of this book the reader will find how creativity allows us to approach any situation in our lives with new possibilities. There are ideas here for educators of all kinds – parents, teachers, trainers, workshop presenters and socials activists to enhance their communication processes. An ecology of culture frames the work within a social ecology paradigm, based on systems theory that is vital to the transformation of our world. It addresses issues of peace, ecology, learning, teaching and intercultural communication in a creative way that enables new possibilities and solutions to the major challenges we face in this time. 

The book was inspired by my PhD research at the University of Western Sydney in the Faculty of Social Ecology that led to an understanding of the value of an ecology of culture and the need to transform our contemporary education system as well as community programmes of learning. It is written for a wide audience that are interested in transforming our world into a more ecologically sustainable, socially just and spiritually connected planet.

This is the kindle version




Kindle version of The Creativity Revolution

And this is the paperback version:


Paper back version of the Creativity Revolution

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